From the Garden April 29, 2018 - Manna Meal - so the hungry can eat

From the Garden April 29, 2018

 It was another beautiful and productive Saturday with so many volunteers enjoying the garden camaraderie.  We are so appreciative of them and the time that they spend at the garden.  Christ Church United Methodist sent a hard working crew for a day of service.  Jim and Sara raked and seeded grass while Nanya, Becky, Robin and Susan pulled weeds and picked spinach that Nanya delivered to the Manna Meal kitchen. 

Brett and Shellie brought daughters Angela and Kaylee; the family raked and spread mulch on garden paths and then the girls helped to sort the freshly harvested spinach.  Matthew and his daughter Kayla removed many weeds from the onion and cabbage patches and toted the debris to the compost area.  We finished clearing, raking and seeding the picnic area thanks to Haitham, Sandy, 2 Bobs, Kelly, Tony, Jean, Sharisse, Scott, Susan and Patricia.  Asmael repaired the raised beds, Craig sifted compost, and Gerald fixed the sprinkler line, checked the watering system and turned the compost.  Patricia and Susan planted lettuce and watered the vegetable pots that will be planted when the soil warms up.

This week we plan to work on Tuesday, May 1 and Thursday May 3 from 10:00 until noon.  New volunteers and visitors are always welcomed at the garden.   

From the Garden May 6, 2018
From the Garden April 22, 2018

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