From the Garden April 22, 2018 - Manna Meal - so the hungry can eat

From the Garden April 22, 2018

Luke is saving vegetable waste again from the kitchen for us to create the wonderful compost that nourishes our garden.  Thanks so much to Meg for offering to bring it to the garden once a week.  She delivered our first batch on Tuesday and our compost piles are cooking.  Nedra and Janet emptied and cleaned the buckets while Bob, Thom and Jean picked a small amount of spinach that was delivered to the Manna Meal kitchen.

On Saturday, the Manna Meal Garden and the Rock Lake Community Life Center were so fortunate to have two volunteer groups from West Virginia State University helping to clean up and prepare a disturbed area for seeding.  It was WVSU Cares Day and the school sent many volunteer groups out into the community to provide assistance.  We are so grateful to Pat and Team 33 for all of their hard work.

So many volunteers arrived to work in the garden on such a lovely day: Josee, Kelly, Jean, and Brett with his two daughters Angela and Kaylee helped the WVSU team with their tasks; Two more Kellys with their sons Jack and Tony spread mulch on garden paths; Asmael and Craig repaired the compost fences and a portable raised bed; Susan, Martha and Patricia planted carrots; David, Thom, Nedra and Bob sifted, hauled and spread compost; Jim brought his mower and worked around the raised beds.  We also turned the compost piles and watered the transplants. It was such a productive day, made possible by an all-volunteer work force.

This week the forecast calls for rainy days, so we will plan to work only on Saturday, April 28 from 10:00 until noon.  New volunteers and visitors are always welcomed at the garden. 

From the Garden April 29, 2018
From the Garden April 15, 2018

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