From the Garden April 15, 2018 - Manna Meal - so the hungry can eat

From the Garden April 15, 2018

What a productive week at the Manna Meal Garden!  On cool Tuesday, Bob, Janet, Scott and Jean sifted, hauled and spread compost on our carrot bed while Patricia and Susan planted cabbages and onion sets.  Then, all of us removed most of the remaining weeds from the garden to add to the compost piles.

Mike and Gerald worked on the automated watering system on Thursday and have it in top shape for the season.  On Friday, Gerald had mulch delivered to the garden from the City of South Charleston.  The City has been instrumental in making our garden very efficient by helping us move, building compost sheds, installing a French drain, and bringing us leaves and mulch.  We are so thankful to Gerald and the City.

We transplanted vegetable plugs into larger pots on warm Saturday thanks to Asmael, Therese, Wensdi, Hayden, Susan, Patricia and Jean.  Gary hauled mulch to the garden edge for mulching paths and Jim worked on the tractor mowing attachment.  We covered the cabbage bed with ag cloth to control cabbage moths and tucked the new transplants into covered beds to protect them from any cold weather we might have.  Later on Saturday afternoon, Paula and Morris brought a dump truck load of composted horse manure from their farm.  We are so grateful to them for their valuable donation to the productivity of the garden.

We also learned that the Kanawha County Master Gardener Association (KCMGA) has won the 2018 WV Master Gardener Award of Excellence for Community Service Team Project.  With the leadership of Mike Burgess and Carolee Felber, The KCMGA built raised beds, installed the automated watering system and helped to install the new varmint-proof fence at the Manna Meal Garden.  We appreciate the assistance of Mike, Carolee and all of the Master Gardeners for these special projects to help make the garden a success.

This week, we plan to work on Tuesday and Saturday mornings:

TUESDAY, April 17 from 10:00 until noon

SATURDAY, April 21 from 10:00 until noon.

We hope to see you at the garden!    

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