From the Garden April 1, 2018 - Manna Meal - so the hungry can eat

From the Garden April 1, 2018

Garden season is here!  On wet Tuesday, Gary, Bud and Jean braved the rain, pulled weeds from the cliff side garden and performed tractor maintenance.  It was lovely to see the sun and the many, mighty volunteers that came out on Saturday to help.  Sharisse, Jennelle, Asmael, Patricia, and Therese prepared beds and then planted spinach and hundreds of onion sets.  Scott, 2 Bobs, Mike and Jean carefully transplanted a Yew from a root-bound patio container.  Terry took one of the tractor wheels to the tire store for a new tube.

The Manna Meal Garden would not flourish without the help of wonderful volunteers who donate their time and enjoy the camaraderie with other gardeners.

We received 500 beautiful vegetable plugs from GrowJoy, an Indiana nursery.  The plants arrived in great condition and were donated as part of their community garden program to help feed those in need.  We participated in the program last year and are so appreciative of GrowJoy's mission to alleviate hunger.

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From the Garden April 8, 2018
The season begins

About Us

Manna Meal Inc. (MMI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that operates a soup kitchen located inside St. John’s Episcopal Church in the heart of downtown Charleston, WV. 

MMI thrives through the generosity and support of our community to provide a safe haven, no questions asked
We are not a government agency and rely solely on contributions from our community and grants that we write.