New Manna Meal director using political past to amplify unheard voices - Manna Meal - so the hungry can eat

In some ways, Tara Martinez’s new job is not so different from her old one. Both involve serving the public. Now, as executive director of the Manna Meal soup kitchen, the serving part is more literal. And a lot more hands-on.

These days, she’s more likely to be cutting vegetables than crunching numbers. She helps prepare and serve meals, washes dishes, and spends time learning about her clients and their needs.

“I try to really help each of the staff members understand that we’re all part of a team, and it doesn’t matter what needs to be done,” Martinez said.

About Us

Manna Meal Inc. (MMI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that operates a soup kitchen located inside St. John’s Episcopal Church in the heart of downtown Charleston, WV. 

MMI thrives through the generosity and support of our community to provide a safe haven, no questions asked
We are not a government agency and rely solely on contributions from our community and grants that we write.